With Boniviri, eating well means creating value.

With the Boniviri project, those who produce and those who consume consciously choose to preserve the values of the territory, local assets and protect the environment.








BONIVIRI società benefit a responsabilità limitata


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With Boniviri, eating well means creating value.

With the Boniviri project, those who produce and those who consume consciously choose to preserve the values of the territory, local assets and protect the environment.


We are a company with a social mission



www.boniviri.com @ All Right Reserved 2020 | Website created by Flazio Experience

www.boniviri.com @ All Right Reserved 2020 | Website created by Flazio Experience


Boniviri has a mission: offering healty and high quality food, while creating social and environmental value.

About Boniviri

Boniviri is a benefit corporation under Italian law because it has clear social and environmental objectives that it pursues through its business model in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner.

Boniviri's model involves the purchase of products high quality, healthy and sustainable by excellent farmers (the 'Boniviri ', people of value), engaging and involving them in a path towards common sustainability goals and supporting the prosperity of their farms. In doing so, Boniviri rethinks the supply chain and product packaging from an eco-friendly and responsible point of view and compensate the carbon footprint of products through reforestation projects.

Through the impact map, the document that defines the social and environmental objectives and the impact report, published every year, it will be possible to measure the results of the work performed. For Boniviri, doing business does not mean doing business as usual, but and value together with those who produce and those who consume.


Download the IMPACT MAP

Download our IMPACT REPORT (starting from April 2021)


A sincere and determined team

The team was born in Sicily from the union of forces and intentions of Corrado, Sergio and Alessandra. Their dream is to give value to the work of agricultural entrepreneurs who deserve it, to protect the environment and give a new meaning to eating well: creating value.



Corrado has gained various experiences in business consultancy and management in the field of sustainability and social impact, managing a project in sustainable agriculture funded by the European Union and working closely with several multinational companies.

He is the coordinator of the activities. u00e0 and the head of Boniviri's social and environmental strategy.



Alessandra has various experiences in publishing and graphic design behind her, but in her heart there are above all two participatory projects that had as protagonists the historical inhabitants of one of the symbolic places of Palermo,

the Vucciria. She is head of communication and marketing of Boniviri.



Sergio manages the farm of family for more than 8 years and has gained experience in the cultivation of olives, almonds and citrus fruits.  
He is responsible for relations with Boniviri's partner farms, supporting them along all stages of cultivation and production.

The initiatives and the partners of the project


Boniviri is proudly part of Sodalitas Call for Future in 2021, which involves companies engaged in Italy to carry out actions for a sustainable future according to the UN 2030 Agenda, and young people, citizens of the world of tomorrow. Sodalitas Call for Future is an initiative of the Sodalitas Foundation (www.sodalitas.it).


Flazio, a leading company in the web sector is the technical partner appointed by Boniviri for the development of the digital platform for producers and consumers and of the website.

Faber, an interdisciplinary accounting firm, follows Boniviri in the administrative and accounting management activities.


DGRS Studio Legale, a legal boutique specialized in services for businesses , supports Boniviri in the legal management of relations with partner farms and in the development of the quality and sustainability protocol.

The non-profit Rete Clima is the strategic partner that compensates for the greenhouse gas emissions generated by Boniviri products, through reforestation projects in Italy. The data relating to the

activities carried out are available here:  www.reteclima.it/companies/boniviri


Spinel Kayapó Community is a purposeful community to create partnerships, find fundraising opportunities, co-create innovative solutions and alternative business models, join a taskforce for regular, community-sourced impactful projects.

Our mentors


Davide Tammaro

Davide has over ten years of experience in public relations and corporate communication, which he has carried out within multinational companies active in various fields: industry, services and consumer goods. He is lecturer in Media Relations and Brand Management at the Catholic University of Milan and contributor to the newspaper GliStatiGenerali.

Our supporters


Sofia Rossi

Sofia has experience in the field of environmental sustainability and climate change and works in the field of international cooperation and energy efficiency in Jordan. She supports Boniviri in calculating the carbon footprint and in identifying sustainability issues relevant to stakeholders.


Silvia Zingale

Food technologist and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert supports Boniviri in studying the carbon footprint of its extra virgin olive oil supply chain.


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